Monday, September 28, 2009

See you in Louisville!

Teaching Adult Writers in Diverse Settings SIG at 2010 CCCC

We will focus on uses of digital technologies for teaching returning adult students.

In 2005, nearly one-third of all U.S. college undergraduates were age 25 or older, and this population continues to grow: thus, colleges and universities are increasingly developing courses and programs to serve the particular needs of adult undergraduates. These older students often juggle multiple roles and responsibilities: they work full-time, attend to aging parents, or raise children while attending their college classes. As a result, they find hybrid courses, on-line instruction, and on-line writing centers particularly appealing and seek college programs that offer online learning opportunities. Our 2010 SIG will explore topics related to teaching adult writers in digital environments. Our speakers represent the full range of colleges that attract adult learners: private career college, public two-year college, adult degree program in a private four-year college, public four-year college.

Chair: Barbara Gleason

Karen Uehling, "Entering the Conversation: Low Stakes
Quizzes/Online Worksheets to Build Confidence with Technologies of Scholarship"

Kimme Nuckles, "Revising My View of Online Teaching"

Linda Brender,  "Adult Online Learners: How Are They Different from Traditional Online Students?"

Sonia Feder-Lewis, "In the Mix: Creating Mixed Delivery Method Writing Classes for Adult Learners"

Michelle Navarre Cleary, "Designing Online Writing Classes for Adult Students: What Works"

MaryAnn K. Crawford, "Returning Adults and the On-Line Writing Center"

Barbara Gleason, "Writing-to-Learn Online with Course Blogs"

We'll continue our conversation after the SIG over dinner. Please plan to join us.