Thursday, October 14, 2010

The SIG is on!

I received our acceptance from NCTE earlier this week! I hope to see you all in Atlanta April 6-9, 2011. However, whether you make it there or not, please add your ideas as we try to collaboratively develop a composition reader for adult students.

To get started, please post at least three specific ideas by 12/31/10 of what should go in our reader and why you think it belongs.


Here is a copy of our SIG proposal to remind you what we are up to:

Our goal is to outline a composition reader that addresses the interests and needs of adult students and, in the process, explore whether or not it is possible to find common ground for our diverse adult student populations.

At our 2010 SIG, we found ourselves discussing the lack of texts that speak to the concerns, interests and needs of adult composition students. Once we moved from what is not available to what we might create, we found ourselves having to consider whether or not we could create a common text that would appeal to our different adult student populations. For 2011, we plan to run this experiment by assembling an outline for a composition reader for adult students. In the process, we will explore how we define adult students; whether or not these students have enough in common with each other to make such a reader (and our shared assumptions about adult students) viable; and how we might re-think the idea of a reader given the time and financial constraints our students often face, the availability of free online resources, and the increasing importance of multimodal communication. We have begun our exploration at our blog, Teaching Writing to Adults (