Friday, April 13, 2012

Follow Up on 2012 SIG

We enjoyed having time both during the day Friday and well as our SIG time for discussion. We discussed a variety of topics, including working with adults in mixed age classrooms, service learning and adults, our ideas for a reader of students in transition, and veterans as adult learners. We decided that next year's SIG, chaired by Sonia Feder-Lewis, will focus on veterans as adult learners. Sonia will reach out to the Veteran's SIG to see if we might exchange ideas with them. I am taking over the reader project. At the SIG, we discussed what kind of readings work best for adult learners. I've slightly restructured our section on CompFAQs to capture this work. I have consolidated the three different pages we had in the "Reader for People in Transition" section into a new section called "Adult Content: Readings that Work for Adult Students" ( My apologies if I did not capture all of your suggestions, but feel free to add those and any additional ideas you have. Thanks, Michelle