Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Deadline Extended to April 22nd: “Call” for Adults Online Proposals by April 10th

Topic for the Standing Group session—title and description of the session below.  If you would like to be considered for a presentation in the session, please send the following information to Sonia Feder-Lewis, sfeder@smumn.edu  as soon as possible and by April 10th [Submission Deadline extended to April 22nd] at the latest, for consideration.  After all the presentations have been received, the officers will discuss them and select the 4 or 5 that will work most effectively as a panel.  The entire application allows for 7000 characters, so please do be concise.

Please submit:
  • Name
  • Title of Presentation
  • Brief description of presentation (one paragraph if possible)
  • Address, affiliation, rank, telephone number, and email address (CCCC proposal requires this information)

Overall Session Title and Description (feedback welcome on this developing proposal!!):

Adults Online:  Welcoming Digital Immigrants to the Land of Online Writing Instruction

As adult learners enter the classroom in ever increasing numbers,  44% of current students in higher education are  now 24 years of age or older (Eduventure, 2007).  Many of these students are now taking classes in online environments.  While the youngest among them may be digital natives, familiar since childhood with technology and the internet, most of these students have crossed the technology border as adults, immigrating into the land of wikis, blogs, chat boxes, bubble comments, podcasts, links, threads, and tweets.  How can we, as teachers, engage these students successfully, and help them acculturate in their new environment, while also bringing them the writing instruction and skills they need to succeed as students and as writers in the diverse roles their complicated lives demand? This session will explore multiple modes of student/student and student/teacher interactions and strategies based on principles of adult learning theory in practice in online composition instruction.

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